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Detailed Description

Selectors are elements that change the bank setting or any other selection, such as program selectors.

+ Collaboration diagram for Selectors:


 Selectors LEDs
 Selectors with LED feedback.


class  EncoderSelector< N >
 Selector that reads from a rotary encoder. More...
class  IncrementDecrementSelector< N >
 Selector with two buttons (one to increment, one to decrement). More...
class  IncrementSelector< N >
 Selector with one button that increments the selection. More...
class  ManyButtonsSelector< N >
 Selector that reads from \( N \) buttons. More...
class  ProgramChangeSelector< N >
 Selector that listens for MIDI Program Change events on a given MIDI Channel, and uses the program number as its selection. More...
class  SwitchSelector
 Selector that selects one of two settings, based on the state of a toggle or momentary switch. More...