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MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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1#pragma once
3#include <stdint.h>
5namespace Intervals {
7constexpr int8_t P1 = 0;
8constexpr int8_t m2 = 1;
9constexpr int8_t M2 = 2;
10constexpr int8_t m3 = 3;
11constexpr int8_t M3 = 4;
12constexpr int8_t P4 = 5;
13constexpr int8_t d5 = 6;
14constexpr int8_t P5 = 7;
15constexpr int8_t m6 = 8;
16constexpr int8_t M6 = 9;
17constexpr int8_t m7 = 10;
18constexpr int8_t M7 = 11;
19constexpr int8_t P8 = 12;
constexpr int8_t m2
Minor second.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:8
constexpr int8_t m3
Minor third.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:10
constexpr int8_t M2
Major second.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:9
constexpr int8_t P8
Perfect octave.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:19
constexpr int8_t d5
Diminished fifth.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:13
constexpr int8_t m7
Minor seventh.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:17
constexpr int8_t M7
Major seventh.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:18
constexpr int8_t P1
Perfect unison.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:7
constexpr int8_t M3
Major third.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:11
constexpr int8_t P4
Perfect fourth.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:12
constexpr int8_t M6
Major sixth.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:16
constexpr int8_t m6
Minor sixth.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:15
constexpr int8_t P5
Perfect fifth.
Definition: Intervals.hpp:14