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BankSettingChangeCallback Class Reference

#include <Banks/Bank.hpp>

Detailed Description

Callback class for Bankable objects that need to be notified when the active setting of their Bank changes.

Definition at line 68 of file Bank.hpp.

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virtual void onBankSettingChange ()
 A function to be executed each time the bank setting changes. More...

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virtual void onBankSettingChange ( )

A function to be executed each time the bank setting changes.

Think of an LED that indicates whether a track is muted or not. If this LED is bankable, let's say with 4 tracks per bank, 2 banks, and a base address of 3, then this LED object keeps the state of tracks 3 and 7. When the bank setting is 0, the LED displays the state of track 3, when the bank setting is 1, the LED displays the state of track 7. To know when to update the LED, this callback is used.

Reimplemented in VPotRingLEDs< BankSize >, VULEDs< BankSize, NumLEDs >, NoteCCKPLED< Type, BankSize >, NoteCCKPLEDBar< Type, BankSize, NumLEDs >, NoteCCKPLEDPWM< Type, BankSize >, NoteCCKPRangeFastLED< Type, BankSize, RangeLen, ColorMapper >, NoteCCKPRangeLEDs< Type, BankSize, RangeLen >, VPotRing< BankSize >, VU< BankSize >, NoteCCKPRange< Type, BankSize, RangeLen >, NoteCCKPValue< Type, BankSize >, and PBValue< BankSize >.

Definition at line 81 of file Bank.hpp.

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