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Hardware-Types.hpp File Reference
#include <AH/Settings/Warnings.hpp>
#include <AH/Containers/Array.hpp>
#include <AH/Settings/NamespaceSettings.hpp>
#include <stdint.h>
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namespace  AH
 PrintStream library


using analog_t = uint16_t
 The type returned from analogRead and similar functions. More...
using pin_t = uint16_t
 The type for Arduino pins (and ExtendedIOElement pins). More...
template<size_t N>
using PinList = Array< pin_t, N >
 An easy alias for arrays of pins. More...


constexpr pin_t NO_PIN = 1 << (8 * sizeof(pin_t) - 1)
 A special pin number that indicates an unused or invalid pin. More...