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BitmapDisplay.hpp File Reference
#include <AH/STL/utility>
#include <Display/Bitmaps/XBitmaps.hpp>
#include <Display/DisplayElement.hpp>
#include <MIDI_Inputs/InterfaceMIDIInputElements.hpp>
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class  BitmapDisplay< Value_t >
 A class that displays a bitmap depending on the state of a MIDINote or any other object that has a getValue() method that returns true (or anything that evaluates to true) when the bitmap has to be displayed, as wel as a pair of getDirty()/clearDirty() methods to determine whether the display has to be updated. More...


template<class Value_t = Interfaces::IValue>
using NoteBitmapDisplay = BitmapDisplay< Value_t >

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using NoteBitmapDisplay = BitmapDisplay<Value_t>

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