Control Surface main
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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1#pragma once
23template <uint8_t NumButtons>
24class NoteButtons : public MIDIButtons<DigitalNoteSender, NumButtons> {
25 public:
47 uint8_t velocity = 0x7F)
48 : MIDIButtons<DigitalNoteSender, NumButtons>{
49 buttons,
52 {velocity},
53 } {}
56 void setVelocity(uint8_t velocity) { this->sender.setVelocity(velocity); }
58 uint8_t getVelocity() const { return this->sender.getVelocity(); }
Class that sends MIDI note on and off messages.
void setVelocity(uint8_t velocity)
uint8_t getVelocity() const
A type-safe utility class for saving a MIDI address consisting of a 7-bit address,...
An abstract class for momentary push buttons that send MIDI events.
A class of MIDIOutputElements that read the input of a collection of momentary push buttons or switch...
Definition: NoteButtons.hpp:24
void setVelocity(uint8_t velocity)
Set the velocity of the MIDI Note events.
Definition: NoteButtons.hpp:56
uint8_t getVelocity() const
Get the velocity of the MIDI Note events.
Definition: NoteButtons.hpp:58
NoteButtons(const Array< AH::Button, NumButtons > &buttons, MIDIAddress baseAddress, RelativeMIDIAddress incrementAddress, uint8_t velocity=0x7F)
Create a new NoteButtons object with the given pins, the given controller number and channel.
Definition: NoteButtons.hpp:45
A class for saving an offset to a MIDI address.
An array wrapper for easy copying, comparing, and iterating.
Definition: Array.hpp:36