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MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
Arduino Helpers

Detailed Description

Common utility library:

+ Collaboration diagram for Arduino Helpers:


 Containers like Array, BitArray, DoublyLinkedList.
 Macros for printing debug information that can be easily enabled or disabled.
 Macros for handling and reporting both fatal and non-fatal errors.
 Extended Input/Output
 All Elements that extend the number of IO pins of the Arduino: Currently only shift registers and multiplexers.
 Classes for basic filtering and hysteresis.
 Hardware Utilities
 Classes used for debouncing buttons, incrementing/decrementing push buttons, scanning switch matrices, filtering analog input, etc.
 Math Types
 Vector and Quaternion types with the necessary operators and functions.
 Math Utilities
 Mathematics helper functions.
 Functions for printing to Streams using the streaming operator <<.
 User settings and debugging options.
 Blink Without Delay-style timers.