Control Surface main
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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1#pragma once
3#include <Settings/NamespaceSettings.hpp>
4#include <stdint.h>
14namespace MIDI_CC {
16constexpr uint8_t Bank_Select = 0x00;
17constexpr uint8_t Modulation_Wheel = 0x01;
18constexpr uint8_t Breath_Controller = 0x02;
19// 03 Undefined
20constexpr uint8_t Foot_Controller = 0x04;
21constexpr uint8_t Portamento_Time = 0x05;
22constexpr uint8_t Data_Entry_MSB = 0x06;
23constexpr uint8_t Channel_Volume = 0x07;
24constexpr uint8_t Balance = 0x08;
25// 09 Undefined
26constexpr uint8_t Pan = 0x0A;
27constexpr uint8_t Expression_Controller = 0x0B;
28constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_1 = 0x0C;
29constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_2 = 0x0D;
30// 0E Undefined
31// 0F Undefined
32constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_1 = 0x10;
33constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_2 = 0x11;
34constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_3 = 0x12;
35constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_4 = 0x13;
36// 14-1F Undefined
38// LSB
40constexpr uint8_t Bank_Select_LSB = 0x20 + 0x00;
41constexpr uint8_t Modulation_Wheel_LSB = 0x20 + 0x01;
42constexpr uint8_t Breath_Controller_LSB = 0x20 + 0x02;
43// 23 Undefined
44constexpr uint8_t Foot_Controller_LSB = 0x20 + 0x04;
45constexpr uint8_t Portamento_Time_LSB = 0x20 + 0x05;
46constexpr uint8_t Data_Entry_MSB_LSB CS_DEPREC("Use Data_Entry_LSB instead")
47 = 0x20 + 0x06;
48constexpr uint8_t Data_Entry_LSB = 0x20 + 0x06;
49constexpr uint8_t Channel_Volume_LSB = 0x20 + 0x07;
50constexpr uint8_t Balance_LSB = 0x20 + 0x08;
51// 29 Undefined
52constexpr uint8_t Pan_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0A;
53constexpr uint8_t Expression_Controller_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0B;
54constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_1_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0C;
55constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_2_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0D;
56// 2E Undefined
57// 2F Undefined
58constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_1_LSB = 0x20 + 0x10;
59constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_2_LSB = 0x20 + 0x11;
60constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_3_LSB = 0x20 + 0x12;
61constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_4_LSB = 0x20 + 0x13;
62// 34 - 3F Undefined
64constexpr uint8_t Damper_Pedal = 0x40;
65constexpr uint8_t Portamento = 0x41;
66constexpr uint8_t Sostenuto = 0x42;
67constexpr uint8_t Soft_Pedal = 0x43;
68constexpr uint8_t Legato_Footswitch = 0x44;
69constexpr uint8_t Hold_2 = 0x45;
70constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_1 = 0x46;
71constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_2 = 0x47;
72constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_3 = 0x48;
73constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_4 = 0x49;
74constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_5 = 0x4A;
75constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_6 = 0x4B;
76constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_7 = 0x4C;
77constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_8 = 0x4D;
78constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_9 = 0x4E;
79constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_10 = 0x4F;
80constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_5 = 0x50;
81constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_6 = 0x51;
82constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_7 = 0x52;
83constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_8 = 0x53;
84constexpr uint8_t Portamento_Control = 0x54;
85// 55-57 Undefined
87constexpr uint8_t High_Resolution_Velocity_Prefix = 0x58;
88// 59-5A Undefined
90constexpr uint8_t Effects_1 = 0x5B;
91constexpr uint8_t Effects_2 = 0x5C;
92constexpr uint8_t Effects_3 = 0x5D;
93constexpr uint8_t Effects_4 = 0x5E;
94constexpr uint8_t Effects_5 = 0x5F;
96constexpr uint8_t Data_Increment = 0x60;
97constexpr uint8_t Data_Decrement = 0x61;
99constexpr uint8_t NRPN_LSB = 0x62;
100constexpr uint8_t NRPN_MSB = 0x63;
101constexpr uint8_t RPN_LSB = 0x64;
102constexpr uint8_t RPN_MSB = 0x65;
104// Channel Mode Messages
106constexpr uint8_t All_Sound_Off = 0x78;
107constexpr uint8_t Reset_All_Controllers = 0x79;
108constexpr uint8_t Local_Control = 0x7A;
109constexpr uint8_t All_Notes_Off = 0x7B;
110constexpr uint8_t Omni_Mode_Off = 0x7C;
111constexpr uint8_t Omni_Mode_On = 0x7D;
112constexpr uint8_t Mono_Mode_On = 0x7E;
113constexpr uint8_t Poly_Mode_On = 0x7F;
115} // namespace MIDI_CC
#define CS_DEPREC(...)
Names and values for all MIDI Control Change Controller Numbers.
constexpr uint8_t High_Resolution_Velocity_Prefix
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_5
constexpr uint8_t Omni_Mode_Off
constexpr uint8_t Local_Control
constexpr uint8_t All_Sound_Off
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_4
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_3
constexpr uint8_t Poly_Mode_On
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_8
constexpr uint8_t Mono_Mode_On
constexpr uint8_t Omni_Mode_On
constexpr uint8_t Foot_Controller
constexpr uint8_t Sostenuto
constexpr uint8_t Hold_2
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_1
constexpr uint8_t Portamento
constexpr uint8_t Portamento_Time
constexpr uint8_t NRPN_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Bank_Select_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Data_Entry_MSB_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_2
constexpr uint8_t Data_Entry_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_10
constexpr uint8_t Modulation_Wheel
constexpr uint8_t Breath_Controller
constexpr uint8_t Expression_Controller
constexpr uint8_t Legato_Footswitch
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_7
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_5
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_2_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Effects_5
constexpr uint8_t Damper_Pedal
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_3
constexpr uint8_t Pan
constexpr uint8_t Effects_2
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_1
constexpr uint8_t Effects_4
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_8
constexpr uint8_t Portamento_Control
constexpr uint8_t Data_Increment
constexpr uint8_t Bank_Select
constexpr uint8_t NRPN_MSB
constexpr uint8_t Pan_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Portamento_Time_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Soft_Pedal
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_1_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Expression_Controller_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_2
constexpr uint8_t Effects_1
constexpr uint8_t RPN_MSB
constexpr uint8_t Balance_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Data_Entry_MSB
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_3_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Channel_Volume_LSB
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_6
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_7
constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_1_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_2_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Channel_Volume
constexpr uint8_t Breath_Controller_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Modulation_Wheel_LSB
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_2
constexpr uint8_t Foot_Controller_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Reset_All_Controllers
constexpr uint8_t All_Notes_Off
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_4_LSB
constexpr uint8_t RPN_LSB
constexpr uint8_t Effects_3
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_9
constexpr uint8_t Balance
constexpr uint8_t General_Purpose_Controller_4
constexpr uint8_t Sound_Controller_6
constexpr uint8_t Data_Decrement
constexpr uint8_t Effect_Control_1