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Encoder.h File Reference
#include <AH/Arduino-Wrapper.h>
#include <Settings/NamespaceSettings.hpp>
#include "utility/direct_pin_read.h"
#include "utility/move.h"
#include "utility/interrupt_pins.h"
#include "Encoder.ipp"
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struct  Encoder_internal_state_t
 All the data needed by interrupts is consolidated into this ugly struct to facilitate assembly language optimizing of the speed critical update. More...
class  Encoder
 Class for reading quadrature encoders, based on More...



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◆ Encoder_internal_state_t

struct Encoder_internal_state_t
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Class Members
volatile IO_REG_TYPE * pin1_register
volatile IO_REG_TYPE * pin2_register
IO_REG_TYPE pin1_bitmask
IO_REG_TYPE pin2_bitmask
uint8_t state
int32_t position

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Definition at line 42 of file Encoder.h.