Control Surface main
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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1#pragma once
4#include <AH/STL/memory> // std::unique_ptr
6#include <Def/Def.hpp>
12namespace Bankable {
22template <class Sender>
24 public:
43 template <uint8_t N>
45 Chord<N> chord, const Sender &sender)
46 : address{config, address}, button(pin),
47 newChord(AH::make_unique<Chord<N>>(std::move(chord))),
48 sender(sender) {}
50 void begin() override { button.begin(); }
51 void update() override {
53 if (state == AH::Button::Falling) {
54 if (newChord)
55 chord = std::move(newChord);
56 address.lock();
57 auto sendAddress = address.getActiveAddress();
58 sender.sendOn(sendAddress);
59 for (int8_t offset : *chord)
60 sender.sendOn(sendAddress + offset);
61 } else if (state == AH::Button::Rising) {
62 auto sendAddress = address.getActiveAddress();
63 sender.sendOff(sendAddress);
64 for (int8_t offset : *chord)
65 sender.sendOff(sendAddress + offset);
67 }
68 }
71 void invert() { button.invert(); }
75 template <uint8_t N>
77 newChord = AH::make_unique<Chord<N>>(std::move(chord));
78 }
80 private:
83 std::unique_ptr<const IChord> chord;
84 std::unique_ptr<const IChord> newChord;
86 public:
87 Sender sender;
90} // namespace Bankable
A class for reading and debouncing buttons and switches.
Definition: Button.hpp:18
State update()
Read the button and return its new state.
Definition: Button.cpp:13
An enumeration of the different states a button can be in.
Definition: Button.hpp:48
@ Rising
Input went from low to high (0,1)
Definition: Button.hpp:52
@ Falling
Input went from high to low (1,0)
Definition: Button.hpp:51
void invert()
Invert the input state of this button (button pressed is HIGH instead of LOW).
Definition: Button.cpp:11
State getState() const
Get the state of the button, without updating it.
Definition: Button.cpp:34
void begin()
Initialize (enable the internal pull-up resistor).
Definition: Button.cpp:9
A super class for object that have to be updated regularly.
Definition: Updatable.hpp:173
An abstract class for momentary push buttons that send multiple MIDI events.
void update() override
Update this updatable.
std::unique_ptr< const IChord > newChord
void begin() override
Initialize this updatable.
MIDIChordButton(OutputBankConfig<> config, pin_t pin, MIDIAddress address, Chord< N > chord, const Sender &sender)
Construct a new bankable MIDIChordButton.
std::unique_ptr< const IChord > chord
MIDIAddress getActiveAddress() const
Definition: Chords.hpp:16
A type-safe utility class for saving a MIDI address consisting of a 7-bit address,...
void unlock()
Unlock the bank setting.
void lock()
Lock the bank setting.
PrintStream library
Definition: Array.hpp:14
uint16_t pin_t
The type for Arduino pins (and ExtendedIOElement pins).
A namespace for MIDI elements that can be added to a Bank, to change their address or channel.