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Arduino-Hardware-Types.hpp File Reference
#include <AH/Settings/Warnings.hpp>
#include <AH/Hardware/Hardware-Types.hpp>
#include <AH/Types/FunctionTraits.hpp>
#include <AH/Arduino-Wrapper.h>
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namespace  AH_pin_detail


using ArduinoPin_t = AH::function_traits< decltype(::digitalWrite)>::argument_t< 0 >
using PinStatus_t = AH::function_traits< decltype(::digitalWrite)>::argument_t< 1 >
using PinMode_t = AH::function_traits< decltype(::pinMode)>::argument_t< 1 >
using BitOrder_t = uint8_t


constexpr static auto tmp_HIGH = HIGH
constexpr static auto tmp_LOW = LOW
constexpr static auto tmp_INPUT = INPUT
constexpr static auto tmp_OUTPUT = OUTPUT
constexpr static auto tmp_INPUT_PULLUP = INPUT_PULLUP
constexpr PinStatus_t HIGH = AH_pin_detail::tmp_HIGH
constexpr PinStatus_t LOW = AH_pin_detail::tmp_LOW
constexpr PinMode_t INPUT = AH_pin_detail::tmp_INPUT
constexpr PinMode_t OUTPUT = AH_pin_detail::tmp_OUTPUT
constexpr PinMode_t INPUT_PULLUP = AH_pin_detail::tmp_INPUT_PULLUP