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Cable.hpp File Reference
#include <AH/Arduino-Wrapper.h>
#include <Settings/NamespaceSettings.hpp>
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class  Cable
 A type-safe class for MIDI USB Cable numbers. More...


Print & operator<< (Print &, Cable)


constexpr Cable CABLE_1 = Cable::createCable(1)
constexpr Cable CABLE_2 = Cable::createCable(2)
constexpr Cable CABLE_3 = Cable::createCable(3)
constexpr Cable CABLE_4 = Cable::createCable(4)
constexpr Cable CABLE_5 = Cable::createCable(5)
constexpr Cable CABLE_6 = Cable::createCable(6)
constexpr Cable CABLE_7 = Cable::createCable(7)
constexpr Cable CABLE_8 = Cable::createCable(8)
constexpr Cable CABLE_9 = Cable::createCable(9)
constexpr Cable CABLE_10 = Cable::createCable(10)
constexpr Cable CABLE_11 = Cable::createCable(11)
constexpr Cable CABLE_12 = Cable::createCable(12)
constexpr Cable CABLE_13 = Cable::createCable(13)
constexpr Cable CABLE_14 = Cable::createCable(14)
constexpr Cable CABLE_15 = Cable::createCable(15)
constexpr Cable CABLE_16 = Cable::createCable(16)