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MIDI_Notes Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

MIDI note names.


class  Note


constexpr int8_t note (Note note, int8_t numOctave)
 Get the MIDI note in the given octave.


constexpr Note C = Note::C()
 C (Do)
constexpr Note Db = Note::Db()
 C♯, D♭ (Do sharp, Re flat)
constexpr Note D = Note::D()
 D (Re)
constexpr Note Eb = Note::Eb()
 D♯, E♭ (Re sharp, Mi flat)
constexpr Note E = Note::E()
 E (Mi)
constexpr Note F_ = Note::F_()
 F (Fa)
constexpr Note Gb = Note::Gb()
 F♯, G♭ (Fa sharp, Sol flat)
constexpr Note G = Note::G()
 G (Sol)
constexpr Note Ab = Note::Ab()
 G♯, A♭ (Sol sharp, La flat)
constexpr Note A = Note::A()
 A (La)
constexpr Note Bb = Note::Bb()
 A♯, B♭ (La sharp, Si flat)
constexpr Note B = Note::B()
 B (Si)