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MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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MCU Namespace Reference


namespace  Bankable
namespace  VUDecay
 VU Decay time constants.


class  AnalogVUDisplay
class  AssignmentDisplay
 Class that receives and stores the text for the Mackie Control Universal 7-segment assignment display. More...
struct  BankableVPotMatcher
 MIDI Input matcher for Mackie Control Universal VPot LED rings with bank support. More...
struct  BankableVUMatcher
 MIDI Input matcher for Mackie Control Universal VU meters with bank support. More...
class  LCD
 A class that represents the Mackie Control Universal LCD display and saves the text it receives. More...
class  LCDCounter
 Counts the number of instances of the LCD class. More...
class  LCDDisplay
 Displays the text of the Mackie Control Universal LCD screen for a single track. More...
class  SevenSegmentDisplay
 Class that receives and saves the text of a Mackie Control Universal 7-segment display like the assignment display and the time display. More...
class  TimeDisplay
 Class that receives and stores the text of the Mackie Control Universal 7-segment time display. More...
class  TimeDisplayDisplay
class  VPotDisplay
struct  VPotMatcher
 MIDI Input matcher for Mackie Control Universal VPot LED rings. More...
class  VPotRing
 A MIDI input element that represents a Mackie Control Universal VPot ring. More...
class  VPotRingLEDs
 A MIDI input element that represents a Mackie Control Universal VPot ring and displays it using LEDs. More...
class  VPotRingLEDsDriver
struct  VPotState
 Struct that keeps track of the value and overload indicator of a Mackie Control Universal VPot LED ring. More...
class  VU
 A MIDI input element that represents a Mackie Control Universal VU meter. More...
class  VUDisplay
class  VULEDs
 A MIDI input element that represents a Mackie Control Universal VU meter and displays its value using LEDs. More...
class  VULEDsDriver
 Small helper to display the VU meters on an LED bar display. More...
struct  VUMatcher
 MIDI Input matcher for Mackie Control Universal VU meters. More...
struct  VUState
 Struct that keeps track of the value and overload indicator of a Mackie Control Universal VU meter. More...


FlashString_t getMCUNameFromNoteNumber (uint8_t note)
 Convert a note number to the name of the corresponding Mackie Control Universal function. More...


constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_1 = 0x00
 Record/Ready 1 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_2 = 0x01
 Record/Ready 2 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_3 = 0x02
 Record/Ready 3 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_4 = 0x03
 Record/Ready 4 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_5 = 0x04
 Record/Ready 5 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_6 = 0x05
 Record/Ready 6 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_7 = 0x06
 Record/Ready 7 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_8 = 0x07
 Record/Ready 8 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_1 = 0x08
 Solo 1 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_2 = 0x09
 Solo 2 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_3 = 0x0A
 Solo 3 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_4 = 0x0B
 Solo 4 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_5 = 0x0C
 Solo 5 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_6 = 0x0D
 Solo 6 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_7 = 0x0E
 Solo 7 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_8 = 0x0F
 Solo 8 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_1 = 0x10
 Mute 1 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_2 = 0x11
 Mute 2 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_3 = 0x12
 Mute 3 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_4 = 0x13
 Mute 4 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_5 = 0x14
 Mute 5 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_6 = 0x15
 Mute 6 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_7 = 0x16
 Mute 7 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_8 = 0x17
 Mute 8 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_1 = 0x18
 Select 1 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_2 = 0x19
 Select 2 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_3 = 0x1A
 Select 3 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_4 = 0x1B
 Select 4 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_5 = 0x1C
 Select 5 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_6 = 0x1D
 Select 6 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_7 = 0x1E
 Select 7 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_8 = 0x1F
 Select 8 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_1 = 0x20
 V-Pot select 1 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_2 = 0x21
 V-Pot select 2 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_3 = 0x22
 V-Pot select 3 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_4 = 0x23
 V-Pot select 4 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_5 = 0x24
 V-Pot select 5 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_6 = 0x25
 V-Pot select 6 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_7 = 0x26
 V-Pot select 7 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_8 = 0x27
 V-Pot select 8 (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_TRACK = 0x28
 Assign Track (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_SEND = 0x29
 Assign Send (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_PAN = 0x2A
 Assign Pan (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_PLUGIN = 0x2B
 Assign Pluggin (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_EQ = 0x2C
 Assign Equalizer (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_INSTR = 0x2D
 Assign Instrument (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t BANK_LEFT = 0x2E
 Banks: Bank Left (Out)
constexpr uint8_t BANK_RIGHT = 0x2F
 Banks: Bank Right (Out)
constexpr uint8_t CHANNEL_LEFT = 0x30
 Banks: Channel Left (Out)
constexpr uint8_t CHANNEL_RIGHT = 0x31
 Banks: Channel Right (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FLIP = 0x32
 Flip (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t GLOBAL_VIEW = 0x33
 Global View (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t NAME_VALUE = 0x34
 Name/Value (Out)
constexpr uint8_t SMPTE_BEATS = 0x35
 SMPTE/Beats (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F1 = 0x36
 Function key 1 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F2 = 0x37
 Function key 2 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F3 = 0x38
 Function key 3 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F4 = 0x39
 Function key 4 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F5 = 0x3A
 Function key 5 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F6 = 0x3B
 Function key 6 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F7 = 0x3C
 Function key 7 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t F8 = 0x3D
 Function key 8 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_MIDI = 0x3E
 View MIDI tracks (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_INPUTS = 0x3F
 View inputs (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_AUDIO = 0x40
 View audio tracks (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_INSTR = 0x41
 View audio instrument (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_AUX = 0x42
 View auxiliary (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_BUSSES = 0x43
 View busses (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_OUTPUTS = 0x44
 View outputs (Out)
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_USER = 0x45
 View user (Out)
constexpr uint8_t SHIFT = 0x46
 Shift (Out)
constexpr uint8_t OPTION = 0x47
 Option (Out)
constexpr uint8_t CONTROL = 0x48
 Control (Out)
constexpr uint8_t CMD_ALT = 0x49
 Command/Alt (Out)
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_READ_OFF = 0x4A
 Automation read/off (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_WRITE = 0x4B
 Automation write (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_TRIM = 0x4C
 Automation trim (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_TOUCH = 0x4D
 Automation touch (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_LATCH = 0x4E
 Automation latch (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t GROUP = 0x4F
 Group (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SAVE = 0x50
 Save (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t UNDO = 0x51
 Undo (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t CANCEL = 0x52
 Cancel (Out)
constexpr uint8_t ENTER = 0x53
 Enter (Out)
constexpr uint8_t MARKER = 0x54
 Marker (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t NUDGE = 0x55
 Nudge (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t CYCLE = 0x56
 Cycle (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t DROP = 0x57
 Drop (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REPLACE = 0x58
 Replace (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t CLICK = 0x59
 Click (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SOLO = 0x5A
 Solo (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t REWIND = 0x5B
 Rewind (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t FAST_FWD = 0x5C
 Fast forward (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t STOP = 0x5D
 Stop (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t PLAY = 0x5E
 Play (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t RECORD = 0x5F
 Record (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t UP = 0x60
 Cursor up (Out)
constexpr uint8_t DOWN = 0x61
 Cursor down (Out)
constexpr uint8_t LEFT = 0x62
 Cursor left (Out)
constexpr uint8_t RIGHT = 0x63
 Cursor right (Out)
constexpr uint8_t ZOOM = 0x64
 Zoom (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t SCRUB = 0x65
 Scrub (In/Out)
constexpr uint8_t USER_SWITCH_A = 0x66
 User switch A (Out)
constexpr uint8_t USER_SWITCH_B = 0x67
 User switch B (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_1 = 0x68
 Fader touch 1 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_2 = 0x69
 Fader touch 2 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_3 = 0x6A
 Fader touch 3 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_4 = 0x6B
 Fader touch 4 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_5 = 0x6C
 Fader touch 5 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_6 = 0x6D
 Fader touch 6 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_7 = 0x6E
 Fader touch 7 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_8 = 0x6F
 Fader touch 8 (Out)
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_MASTER = 0x70
 Fader touch master (Out)
constexpr uint8_t SMPTE = 0x71
constexpr uint8_t BEATS = 0x72
 Beats LED (In)
constexpr uint8_t RUDE_SOLO = 0x73
 Rude solo light (In)
constexpr uint8_t RELAY = 0x76
 Relay (In)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_1 = 0x10
 V-Pot 1 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_2 = 0x11
 V-Pot 2 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_3 = 0x12
 V-Pot 3 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_4 = 0x13
 V-Pot 4 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_5 = 0x14
 V-Pot 5 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_6 = 0x15
 V-Pot 6 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_7 = 0x16
 V-Pot 7 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_8 = 0x17
 V-Pot 8 (Relative) (Out)
constexpr uint8_t EXTERNAL_CONTROLLER = 0x2E
 External controller (Out)
constexpr uint8_t JOG_WHEEL = 0x3C
 Jog wheel (Relative) (Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_1 = CHANNEL_1
 Volume fader 1 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_2 = CHANNEL_2
 Volume fader 2 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_3 = CHANNEL_3
 Volume fader 3 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_4 = CHANNEL_4
 Volume fader 4 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_5 = CHANNEL_5
 Volume fader 5 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_6 = CHANNEL_6
 Volume fader 6 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_7 = CHANNEL_7
 Volume fader 7 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel VOLUME_8 = CHANNEL_8
 Volume fader 8 (In/Out)
constexpr Channel MASTER_VOLUME = CHANNEL_9
 Master volume (In/Out)
constexpr static uint8_t AssignmentDisplayLength = 2
constexpr static uint8_t AssignmentDisplayAddress = 0x4A
constexpr static uint8_t TimeDisplayLength = 10
constexpr static uint8_t TimeDisplayAddress = 0x40