Control Surface new-input
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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1 #pragma once
3 #include <Def/Channel.hpp>
7 namespace MCU {
22 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_1 = 0x00;
23 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_2 = 0x01;
24 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_3 = 0x02;
25 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_4 = 0x03;
26 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_5 = 0x04;
27 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_6 = 0x05;
28 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_7 = 0x06;
29 constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_8 = 0x07;
31 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_1 = 0x08;
32 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_2 = 0x09;
33 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_3 = 0x0A;
34 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_4 = 0x0B;
35 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_5 = 0x0C;
36 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_6 = 0x0D;
37 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_7 = 0x0E;
38 constexpr uint8_t SOLO_8 = 0x0F;
40 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_1 = 0x10;
41 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_2 = 0x11;
42 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_3 = 0x12;
43 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_4 = 0x13;
44 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_5 = 0x14;
45 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_6 = 0x15;
46 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_7 = 0x16;
47 constexpr uint8_t MUTE_8 = 0x17;
49 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_1 = 0x18;
50 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_2 = 0x19;
51 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_3 = 0x1A;
52 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_4 = 0x1B;
53 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_5 = 0x1C;
54 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_6 = 0x1D;
55 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_7 = 0x1E;
56 constexpr uint8_t SELECT_8 = 0x1F;
58 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_1 = 0x20;
59 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_2 = 0x21;
60 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_3 = 0x22;
61 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_4 = 0x23;
62 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_5 = 0x24;
63 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_6 = 0x25;
64 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_7 = 0x26;
65 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_8 = 0x27;
67 constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_TRACK = 0x28;
68 constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_SEND = 0x29;
69 constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_PAN = 0x2A;
70 constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_PLUGIN = 0x2B;
71 constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_EQ = 0x2C;
72 constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_INSTR = 0x2D;
74 constexpr uint8_t BANK_LEFT = 0x2E;
75 constexpr uint8_t BANK_RIGHT = 0x2F;
76 constexpr uint8_t CHANNEL_LEFT = 0x30;
77 constexpr uint8_t CHANNEL_RIGHT = 0x31;
79 constexpr uint8_t FLIP = 0x32;
80 constexpr uint8_t GLOBAL_VIEW = 0x33;
81 constexpr uint8_t NAME_VALUE = 0x34;
82 constexpr uint8_t SMPTE_BEATS = 0x35;
84 constexpr uint8_t F1 = 0x36;
85 constexpr uint8_t F2 = 0x37;
86 constexpr uint8_t F3 = 0x38;
87 constexpr uint8_t F4 = 0x39;
88 constexpr uint8_t F5 = 0x3A;
89 constexpr uint8_t F6 = 0x3B;
90 constexpr uint8_t F7 = 0x3C;
91 constexpr uint8_t F8 = 0x3D;
93 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_MIDI = 0x3E;
94 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_INPUTS = 0x3F;
95 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_AUDIO = 0x40;
96 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_INSTR = 0x41;
97 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_AUX = 0x42;
98 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_BUSSES = 0x43;
99 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_OUTPUTS = 0x44;
100 constexpr uint8_t VIEW_USER = 0x45;
102 constexpr uint8_t SHIFT = 0x46;
103 constexpr uint8_t OPTION = 0x47;
104 constexpr uint8_t CONTROL = 0x48;
105 constexpr uint8_t CMD_ALT = 0x49;
107 constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_READ_OFF = 0x4A;
108 constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_WRITE = 0x4B;
109 constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_TRIM = 0x4C;
110 constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_TOUCH = 0x4D;
111 constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_LATCH = 0x4E;
113 constexpr uint8_t GROUP = 0x4F;
114 constexpr uint8_t SAVE = 0x50;
115 constexpr uint8_t UNDO = 0x51;
116 constexpr uint8_t CANCEL = 0x52;
117 constexpr uint8_t ENTER = 0x53;
119 constexpr uint8_t MARKER = 0x54;
120 constexpr uint8_t NUDGE = 0x55;
121 constexpr uint8_t CYCLE = 0x56;
122 constexpr uint8_t DROP = 0x57;
123 constexpr uint8_t REPLACE = 0x58;
124 constexpr uint8_t CLICK = 0x59;
125 constexpr uint8_t SOLO = 0x5A;
127 constexpr uint8_t REWIND = 0x5B;
128 constexpr uint8_t FAST_FWD = 0x5C;
129 constexpr uint8_t STOP = 0x5D;
130 constexpr uint8_t PLAY = 0x5E;
131 constexpr uint8_t RECORD = 0x5F;
133 constexpr uint8_t UP = 0x60;
134 constexpr uint8_t DOWN = 0x61;
135 constexpr uint8_t LEFT = 0x62;
136 constexpr uint8_t RIGHT = 0x63;
138 constexpr uint8_t ZOOM = 0x64;
139 constexpr uint8_t SCRUB = 0x65;
141 constexpr uint8_t USER_SWITCH_A = 0x66;
142 constexpr uint8_t USER_SWITCH_B = 0x67;
144 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_1 = 0x68;
145 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_2 = 0x69;
146 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_3 = 0x6A;
147 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_4 = 0x6B;
148 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_5 = 0x6C;
149 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_6 = 0x6D;
150 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_7 = 0x6E;
151 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_8 = 0x6F;
152 constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_MASTER = 0x70;
154 constexpr uint8_t SMPTE = 0x71;
155 constexpr uint8_t BEATS = 0x72;
157 constexpr uint8_t RUDE_SOLO = 0x73;
159 constexpr uint8_t RELAY = 0x76;
166 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_1 = 0x10;
167 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_2 = 0x11;
168 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_3 = 0x12;
169 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_4 = 0x13;
170 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_5 = 0x14;
171 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_6 = 0x15;
172 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_7 = 0x16;
173 constexpr uint8_t V_POT_8 = 0x17;
175 constexpr uint8_t EXTERNAL_CONTROLLER = 0x2E;
177 constexpr uint8_t JOG_WHEEL = 0x3C;
201 } // namespace MCU
205 #include "MCUNameFromNoteNumber.hpp"
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_2
Definition: Channel.hpp:119
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_1
Definition: Channel.hpp:118
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_6
Definition: Channel.hpp:123
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_9
Definition: Channel.hpp:126
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_3
Definition: Channel.hpp:120
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_4
Definition: Channel.hpp:121
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_5
Definition: Channel.hpp:122
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_7
Definition: Channel.hpp:124
constexpr Channel CHANNEL_8
Definition: Channel.hpp:125
A type-safe class for MIDI channels.
Definition: Channel.hpp:13
constexpr uint8_t JOG_WHEEL
Jog wheel (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:177
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_5
V-Pot 5 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:170
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_2
V-Pot 2 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:167
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_1
V-Pot 1 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:166
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_7
V-Pot 7 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:172
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_8
V-Pot 8 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:173
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_6
V-Pot 6 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:171
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_3
V-Pot 3 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:168
constexpr uint8_t EXTERNAL_CONTROLLER
External controller (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:175
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_4
V-Pot 4 (Relative) (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:169
constexpr uint8_t F7
Function key 7 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:90
constexpr uint8_t FAST_FWD
Fast forward (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:128
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_BUSSES
View busses (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:98
constexpr uint8_t REPLACE
Replace (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:123
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_5
Record/Ready 5 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:26
constexpr uint8_t F3
Function key 3 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:86
constexpr uint8_t ZOOM
Zoom (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:138
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_6
Fader touch 6 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:149
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_6
Select 6 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:54
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_8
V-Pot select 8 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:65
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_USER
View user (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:100
constexpr uint8_t DOWN
Cursor down (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:134
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_3
Record/Ready 3 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:24
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_4
Select 4 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:52
constexpr uint8_t SHIFT
Shift (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:102
constexpr uint8_t LEFT
Cursor left (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:135
constexpr uint8_t F1
Function key 1 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:84
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_7
Fader touch 7 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:150
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_4
Record/Ready 4 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:25
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_INPUTS
View inputs (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:94
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_1
Mute 1 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:40
constexpr uint8_t F6
Function key 6 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:89
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_6
V-Pot select 6 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:63
constexpr uint8_t MARKER
Marker (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:119
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_1
Fader touch 1 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:144
constexpr uint8_t UNDO
Undo (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:115
constexpr uint8_t F8
Function key 8 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:91
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_2
Select 2 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:50
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_EQ
Assign Equalizer (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:71
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_7
Select 7 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:55
constexpr uint8_t RIGHT
Cursor right (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:136
constexpr uint8_t DROP
Drop (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:122
constexpr uint8_t BANK_RIGHT
Banks: Bank Right (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:75
constexpr uint8_t SMPTE
Definition: MCU.hpp:154
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_6
Solo 6 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:36
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_2
Record/Ready 2 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:23
constexpr uint8_t SCRUB
Scrub (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:139
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_1
Record/Ready 1 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:22
constexpr uint8_t SOLO
Solo (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:125
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_4
V-Pot select 4 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:61
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_5
Mute 5 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:44
constexpr uint8_t RECORD
Record (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:131
constexpr uint8_t F4
Function key 4 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:87
constexpr uint8_t F5
Function key 5 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:88
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_3
Fader touch 3 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:146
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_AUDIO
View audio tracks (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:95
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_8
Fader touch 8 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:151
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_INSTR
View audio instrument (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:96
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_PAN
Assign Pan (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:69
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_8
Select 8 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:56
constexpr uint8_t CANCEL
Cancel (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:116
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_2
V-Pot select 2 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:59
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_MIDI
View MIDI tracks (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:93
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_5
V-Pot select 5 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:62
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_2
Fader touch 2 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:145
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_WRITE
Automation write (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:108
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_6
Mute 6 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:45
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_INSTR
Assign Instrument (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:72
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_5
Select 5 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:53
constexpr uint8_t CLICK
Click (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:124
constexpr uint8_t GROUP
Group (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:113
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_2
Solo 2 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:32
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_TRIM
Automation trim (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:109
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_SEND
Assign Send (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:68
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_1
Solo 1 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:31
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_8
Solo 8 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:38
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_TOUCH
Automation touch (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:110
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_4
Fader touch 4 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:147
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_8
Mute 8 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:47
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_4
Solo 4 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:34
constexpr uint8_t F2
Function key 2 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:85
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_5
Solo 5 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:35
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_7
Mute 7 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:46
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_PLUGIN
Assign Pluggin (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:70
constexpr uint8_t CHANNEL_LEFT
Banks: Channel Left (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:76
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_4
Mute 4 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:43
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_8
Record/Ready 8 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:29
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_READ_OFF
Automation read/off (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:107
constexpr uint8_t STOP
Stop (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:129
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_7
Solo 7 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:37
constexpr uint8_t BANK_LEFT
Banks: Bank Left (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:74
constexpr uint8_t USER_SWITCH_B
User switch B (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:142
constexpr uint8_t FLIP
Flip (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:79
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_1
Select 1 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:49
constexpr uint8_t SAVE
Save (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:114
constexpr uint8_t OPTION
Option (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:103
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_1
V-Pot select 1 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:58
constexpr uint8_t SOLO_3
Solo 3 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:33
constexpr uint8_t PLAY
Play (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:130
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_7
V-Pot select 7 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:64
constexpr uint8_t NAME_VALUE
Name/Value (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:81
constexpr uint8_t ASSIGN_TRACK
Assign Track (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:67
constexpr uint8_t AUTOMATION_LATCH
Automation latch (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:111
constexpr uint8_t SMPTE_BEATS
SMPTE/Beats (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:82
constexpr uint8_t SELECT_3
Select 3 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:51
constexpr uint8_t REWIND
Rewind (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:127
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_AUX
View auxiliary (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:97
constexpr uint8_t NUDGE
Nudge (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:120
constexpr uint8_t RUDE_SOLO
Rude solo light (In)
Definition: MCU.hpp:157
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_MASTER
Fader touch master (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:152
constexpr uint8_t RELAY
Relay (In)
Definition: MCU.hpp:159
constexpr uint8_t V_POT_SELECT_3
V-Pot select 3 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:60
constexpr uint8_t CONTROL
Control (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:104
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_2
Mute 2 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:41
constexpr uint8_t MUTE_3
Mute 3 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:42
constexpr uint8_t CMD_ALT
Command/Alt (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:105
constexpr uint8_t CHANNEL_RIGHT
Banks: Channel Right (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:77
constexpr uint8_t FADER_TOUCH_5
Fader touch 5 (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:148
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_7
Record/Ready 7 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:28
constexpr uint8_t ENTER
Enter (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:117
constexpr uint8_t BEATS
Beats LED (In)
Definition: MCU.hpp:155
constexpr uint8_t REC_RDY_6
Record/Ready 6 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:27
constexpr uint8_t UP
Cursor up (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:133
constexpr uint8_t USER_SWITCH_A
User switch A (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:141
constexpr uint8_t CYCLE
Cycle (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:121
constexpr uint8_t VIEW_OUTPUTS
View outputs (Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:99
constexpr uint8_t GLOBAL_VIEW
Global View (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:80
constexpr Channel VOLUME_2
Volume fader 2 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:185
constexpr Channel VOLUME_5
Volume fader 5 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:188
constexpr Channel VOLUME_3
Volume fader 3 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:186
constexpr Channel MASTER_VOLUME
Master volume (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:193
constexpr Channel VOLUME_1
Volume fader 1 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:184
constexpr Channel VOLUME_6
Volume fader 6 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:189
constexpr Channel VOLUME_8
Volume fader 8 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:191
constexpr Channel VOLUME_4
Volume fader 4 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:187
constexpr Channel VOLUME_7
Volume fader 7 (In/Out)
Definition: MCU.hpp:190