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Control Surface  1.0.0
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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Control_Change.hpp File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <Settings/NamespaceSettings.hpp>
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 Names and values for all MIDI Control Change Controller Numbers.


constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Bank_Select = 0x00
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Modulation_Wheel = 0x01
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Breath_Controller = 0x02
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Foot_Controller = 0x04
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Portamento_Time = 0x05
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Data_Entry_MSB = 0x06
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume = 0x07
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Balance = 0x08
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Pan = 0x0A
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Expression_Controller = 0x0B
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effect_Control_1 = 0x0C
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effect_Control_2 = 0x0D
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_1 = 0x10
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_2 = 0x11
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_3 = 0x12
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_4 = 0x13
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Bank_Select_LSB = 0x20 + 0x00
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Modulation_Wheel_LSB = 0x20 + 0x01
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Breath_Controller_LSB = 0x20 + 0x02
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Foot_Controller_LSB = 0x20 + 0x04
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Portamento_Time_LSB = 0x20 + 0x05
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Data_Entry_MSB_LSB = 0x20 + 0x06
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume_LSB = 0x20 + 0x07
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Balance_LSB = 0x20 + 0x08
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Pan_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0A
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Expression_Controller_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0B
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effect_Control_1_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0C
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effect_Control_2_LSB = 0x20 + 0x0D
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_1_LSB = 0x20 + 0x10
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_2_LSB = 0x20 + 0x11
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_3_LSB = 0x20 + 0x12
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_4_LSB = 0x20 + 0x13
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Damper_Pedal = 0x40
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Portamento = 0x41
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sostenuto = 0x42
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Soft_Pedal = 0x43
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Legato_Footswitch = 0x44
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Hold_2 = 0x45
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_1 = 0x46
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_2 = 0x47
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_3 = 0x48
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_4 = 0x49
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_5 = 0x4A
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_6 = 0x4B
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_7 = 0x4C
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_8 = 0x4D
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_9 = 0x4E
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Sound_Controller_10 = 0x4F
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_5 = 0x50
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_6 = 0x51
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_7 = 0x52
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::General_Purpose_Controller_8 = 0x53
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Portamento_Control = 0x54
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::High_Resolution_Velocity_Prefix = 0x58
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effects_1 = 0x5B
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effects_2 = 0x5C
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effects_3 = 0x5D
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effects_4 = 0x5E
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Effects_5 = 0x5F
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Data_Increment = 0x60
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Data_Decrement = 0x61
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::NRPN_LSB = 0x62
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::NRPN_MSB = 0x63
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::RPN_LSB = 0x64
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::RPN_MSB = 0x65
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::All_Sound_Off = 0x78
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Reset_All_Controllers = 0x79
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Local_Control = 0x7A
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::All_Notes_Off = 0x7B
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Omni_Mode_Off = 0x7C
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Omni_Mode_On = 0x7D
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Mono_Mode_On = 0x7E
constexpr uint8_t MIDI_CC::Poly_Mode_On = 0x7F