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Control Surface  1.0.0
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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Notes.hpp File Reference
#include <Settings/NamespaceSettings.hpp>
#include <stdint.h>
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 MIDI note names.


constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::octave (int8_t numOctave)
 Get the first MIDI note in the given octave. More...
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::note (int8_t note, int8_t numOctave)
 Get the MIDI note in the given octave. More...


constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::C = 0
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::Db = 1
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::D = 2
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::Eb = 3
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::E = 4
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::F = 5
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::Gb = 6
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::G = 7
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::Ab = 8
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::A = 9
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::Bb = 10
constexpr int8_t MIDI_Notes::B = 11