Arduino Code Printer

Pieter P
This is a simple tool for printing Arduino code with line numbers and syntax highlighting.
  1. Select the code in the Arduino IDE
  2. Right click the selection, and choose "Copy as HTML"
  3. Paste the code here
  4. Emphasize some lines if you want to (see below)
  5. Click "Print", or copy the generated HTML

Emphasize code

You can use this tool to emphasize certain lines. Other lines will be grayed out.
  1. Add three asterisks (***) before the lines you want to emphasize
  2. Check the box below

Add page breaks

You can add a page break after a line by adding three dashes (---) at the end of the line.
By default, lines of code that only contain comments with lines (//--- or //=== or //___) will be replaced by page breaks as well.



Raw HTML code

Formatted HTML code