Control Surface main
MIDI Control Surface library for Arduino
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1#pragma once
9namespace Bankable {
10namespace ManyAddresses {
25template <setting_t NumBanks>
28 DualManyAddresses<NumBanks>, RelativeCCSender, DigitalNoteSender> {
29 public:
57 const Bank<NumBanks> &bank,
60 const Array<MIDIAddress, NumBanks> &resetNotes = {},
63 : MIDIIncrementDecrementButtons<DualManyAddresses<NumBanks>,
65 {bank, {addresses, resetNotes}}, buttons, multiplier,
68} // namespace ManyAddresses
69} // namespace Bankable
A class for buttons that increment and decrement some counter or setting.
A class that groups Bankable MIDI Output Elements and Bankable MIDI Input Elements,...
Definition: Bank.hpp:91
An abstract class for two buttons that send incremental MIDI events.
A class of MIDIOutputElements that read the input of two momentary push buttons to increment or decre...
CCIncrementDecrementButtons(const Bank< NumBanks > &bank, const AH::IncrementDecrementButtons &buttons, const Array< MIDIAddress, NumBanks > &addresses, uint8_t multiplier=1, const Array< MIDIAddress, NumBanks > &resetNotes={}, const RelativeCCSender &relativeSender={}, const DigitalNoteSender &resetSender={})
Construct a new Bankable CCIncrementDecrementButtons object.
Class that sends MIDI note on and off messages.
An abstract class for two buttons that send incremental MIDI events.
Class that sends relative/incremental MIDI control change messages.
A namespace for MIDI elements that can be added to a Bank, to change their address or channel.
An array wrapper for easy copying, comparing, and iterating.
Definition: Array.hpp:36