C++ Development

Pieter P

To build a C++ application for the Raspberry Pi, you have to follow three main steps: 1. Build a cross-compilation toolchain, 2. Cross-compile the libraries you want to use, 3. Build your actual C++ application.

These pages explain how to build a cross-compilation toolchain using Crosstool-NG, and then uses it to compile the following libraries:

The third page presents a small "hello world" example project that uses CMake and Google Test.

Finally, there's a page on remote on-target debugging using GDB and Visual Studio Code.

Building the Cross-Compilation Toolchain

To compile software for the Raspberry Pi, you need a cross-compilation toolchain. This page contains instructions for how to build one.

Cross-Compiling the Dependencies

Using the cross-compilation toolchain to build the libraries you need for your project, as well as their dependencies.